Tuesday, October 2, 2012


The kids had a surprise visit from Marshall this last weekend.  It was a last minute decision and he asked if we could not tell the kids so he could surprise them.  There was a couple of double takes when he walked in the various rooms where the kids were all spread out.  it was great to see the smiles and joy from both the kids and Marshall.  It was nice as, Mama, to just hear him clear his throat off in the distance.  I heard and smelled My Marshall.  I had my first experience of how giddy my mother would get when we came home.  I always wondered why she was THAT excited....now i know. you get all giddy, jump up and down and you heart along with your face is smiling from ear to ear.  We were hoping to have all the kids for Mass on Sunday but Catherine had to work but she got home in time for brunch.  It was a great weekend.  He might be home this weekend for a wedding but will be returning quickly back the next week for his fall break.  he has scans in a couple of weeks.....ugh!!! here we go again...holding your breath (not yet...when it gets closer)

He looks great, he has even gotten a littler bigger (muscular). that made him happy and smile.  he has been busy with pledging and it keeps him busy along with his homework and trying to get a job.  he has gotten a job...we are thrilled....

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